Choosing the right address for your new business is sometimes a strategic decision. Any legal entity must have a registered address, this is the official company’s address. During the founding process of your company, you will have to choose a registered address and then officially register your company. This must be done at the “Chambre de commerce” on which the area where your head office is located. Your chartered accountant, a specialized lawyer or certain organizations such as the formalities centre of CCI (for commercial business) or “Chambre des métiers” (for artisan and manufacturing occupations) can assist you in this process.

A subsequent move of the legal domicile of the company is possible; it is a transfer of the registered office. The registered office is set by bylaws statutes of the company (constituting act of the company), a transfer of registered office therefore implies a modification of these statutes.

The registered office must be mentioned on invoices, letters, contracts and legal documents issued by the company. The registered office is indicated on the Kbis extract of the company, (the official identity form of the company), issued by the registry of the commercial court on which the company depends (Antibes For Na&Co).

We can therefore see that the geographical choice of your head office has repercussions on the future administrative and legal functioning of the company, it determines the nationality of the company and the law applicable in case of conflict, the court which will be competent for certain litigation, the tax centre on which the company will depend…

Do not confuse the registered address of your company and its principal or subordinate office. The registered address is unique, it can be, or not, a place of activity or meeting and direction of the company whereas an business address is a site of commercial exploitation which is attached to the activity of the business. The registered can be (and often is) a simple mailbox. Your business may have several permanent addresses, which will be classified as main office and subordinate office. The registered and main office can of course be in one place.

Where to install the company’s registered address? Several options are possible.

– In the principal office, it is a natural solution if it is suitable (if you are a mason, the wasteland where you store your excavator is not suitable), store, office, factory … you must be the owner of premises or hold a commercial lease. However, in the event of a change in activity and a move, formalities must be made to transfer the head office.

– At the manager’s home. It could be a simple way, but often impossible. You must be the owner of your home and make sure that the local city rules and condominium regulations allow you to do so. On the other hand, it is a risky and uncomfortable solution for the manager, if legal or tax issue happen, the concerns of the company can become those of the manager by amalgamating the two identical addresses of the home of the manager and registered address of the company.

– You can set your registered address in an approved business centre, with the signing of business “domiciliation” contract. It is a simple, fast and cheap way. Moreover, the business centre offer more complementary services, handling, forwarding and scanning of mail, meeting rooms and office day renting, Co-working space. printing…