Terms of Sales

Signing your “domiciliation” (registered address) contract is your first step, you will imperatively need this contract apply for registration with the “CCI” or the “Chambre des métiers”, as well as for the opening of the Bank account.
This translation of our general conditions of sale is provided for information only and has no contractual value. Please refer to the French version.
Article 1

“Na & Co SAS”, holder of a commercial lease, located 256 route de Nice, 06600 Antibes, accepts to provide a business address and a registered address to “Le Domicilié”, according to the terms below. Na&Co is a registered business center allowed to conclude registered address contract N ° 2015/06

Article 2

The “domiciliation” in our premises where an office will be held at its disposal, is in accordance with the decrees of August 1, 2003 and December 5, 1985, whose specific obligations are as follows:

– The client must prove his identity and his personal address. If it is a legal person, it must give Na & Co SAS a copy of its signed statutes within one month.

– He must prove his registration either at the CCI, “Chambre des métiers” or “prefecture”, in the quarter following the signing of the contract.

– The customer undertakes to inform Na & Co SAS of all changes concerning its activity, its legal statute. As well any modification of manager’s name or private address and If it is a legal entity, of change relating to its statute, as well as to the name and personal domicile of the persons having the power to commit it, this in application of the abovementioned decree.
The customer gives Na & Co SAS which accepts the mandate to receive on its behalf, discharging in advance, the responsibility of Na & Co SAS against any recourse in responsibility for any reason whatsoever concerning the mandate.

– Upon his departure, the customer must prove his new address and the order for mail forwarding, so that Na & Co SAS can settle his account.

– Na & Co SAS is required to inform the registry of the Commercial Court, the CCI, the prefecture, concerning the end of the contract.

Article 3

“The domicilié” is authorized to set its registered address, which corporate purpose is: Corporate purpose of the client.
The customer undertakes to carry out his activity in a fair and courteous manner, refraining from any abusive maneuver or pressure towards NA&CO SAS

Article 4

The effective date of this agreement is set for a period of 12 months, renewable by tacit agreement. In return for his admission to the “domiciliation” department, the client undertakes to pay quarterly and in advance the amount of the “domiciliation” service he has chosen, which price is indicated in the general rate of Na & Co SAS, as well as the rent of offices and rooms he used. Payment for services is made by direct debit; the customer must therefore provide his bank details and a duly completed direct debit authorization.
The customer can get his mail during store opening hours.

Article 5

The client is not allowed to associate the name of “Na & Co” with his name in any document. Its unique postal address is as follows, and any letter referring to Na & Co or the mention Chez Na & Co will be rejected and may result in the immediate termination of this contract. Any mail received on his behalf bearing a different address will be refused.

« Client Name », 256 route de Nice, 06600 Antibes

Article 6

This agreement will be used for registration at “Registre du commerce”, “Chambre des métiers” or “prefecture”. The client acknowledges having been warned that if he is a sole worker or an association, the tax administration is entitled to refuse the registered address.

Article 7

This agreement may be terminated with two months’ notice before the future expiration. Deregistration of the client business, occurring at any time does not suspend the effects and obligations of this contract.

Article 8

In the event of a change, either in the manager, in the legal antity of the client, or in the user of the services provided under this contract, the client must notify Na&Co to introduce his successor or the new user, Na & Co SAS could possibly terminate the contract with immediate effect. The “domicilié” can’t claim benefit from any exclusivity of his activity or his name within the domiciliation service and by the same token accept the choice of Na&Co of any other new client.

Article 9

The client undertakes to regularly recover his mail and parcels. Na&Co can’t be held responsible for the delay or the absence of transmission or reception of mail of parcels or legal notices and is not obliged to inform the client of their existence. Na&Co may refuse the receipt of any bulky items or parcels.

Article 10

In the event of non-payment of a due date, the effects of the business address service may be suspended and the contract terminated without Na & Co having to notify the client.

Article 11

In the event of suspension or termination, recovery for the balance of the contract will be effected by litigation with an increase for the 20% penalty clause. The parties recognize the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Antibes. The client or his entitled, must also reimburse Na & Co SAS for the costs of extra-judicial acts and other legal costs motivated by breaches of the terms and conditions of this commitment.

Article 12

Guarantee Act. The signed surety acknowledges having read this contract, and accepts that it may be set up against the termination of the contract with all its consequences, in particular in the event of non-payment of rents for any reason whatsoever, and thus guarantees payment of all the contributions.